Sociology of Sport

About Sociology of Sport

This course examines sport from a  sociological perspective. The role and value of sport in Canadian society is examined. The course also analyzes human behaviour within sport and examines how Canada’s culture and values impact Canadian sport. Issues such as cheating, drug use, race, gender and discrimination in sport are studied. Students compare sport behaviours to related behaviour found outside of sport. Students will develop their critical analysis skills while learning how to effectively explain their opinions and beliefs.

Course Rationale

This foundational course introduces students to social issues such as gender, race, religion, politics, ethnicity, drugs, and violence as well as its effects on the sport industry. Knowledge acquired in this course will be used throughout the student’s program and professional career.

Course Outcomes

  1. Analyze the role of sport in Canadian culture and values of sport in the context of Canada’s cultural ideology
  2. Examine the use of sport as a political tool by governments and countries.
  3. Assess Canada as a competitive sport society.
  4. Analyze the impact of sport on society from a functionalist, conflict and symbolic perspective.
  5. Examine various types of deviance and apply them to various sport contexts.
  6. Examine the future of cannabis in sport.
  7. Explain issues impacting the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport and compare them to the use of recreational drugs in society.
  8. Assess the role race plays in sport participation and success.
  9. Explain the impact of various forms of discrimination in sport.
  10. Appraise the impact of gender in sport.

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Module 1: Course Introduction
Module 2: Introduction To Sociology of Sport
Module 3: Sport & Society (Politics)
Module 4: The Role of Competitive Sport In Canadian Society
Module 5: Deviance In Sport
Module 6: 'Drug' Use In Sport
Module 7: Race & Ethnicity In Sport
Module 8: Gender & Other Discrimination In Sport
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